Welcome to Barry Cassidy Planning and Development

I am Barry Cassidy. I am a Community/Economic Development Specialist and Grant Writer. I have worked in economic development in towns across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

I work to ensure that communities working on public projects are able to leverage grant dollars to minimize local costs. There are a plethora of grants available to communities, most with matching requirements. Some grants allow engineering some only construction funding. I am a professional that knows the ins and outs of the grants and can offer you a technically correct application for funding. In most cases a grant will not pay for the entire project and there is a need to layer the funding through grant packaging.

I also have worked extensively in the not for profit sector and have the ability to work with the local community to maximize public/private partnerships. It is only through a unified effort that you are able to secure consensus and move forward knowing that your project has the support of the entire community. I could work with the groups in your community to get “everyone on the same page” to build consensus.

If you a small borough and you do not have the expertise to manage a grant once I help secure one for the community, I am capable of managing the grant. I could also act as a mentor to those seeking to learn the business. If you have a person that you want to have trained in economic development I would be available to help that person once the grant is secured.

I am a full service economic development company with a complete menu of services that is sensitive to smaller political subdivisions with smaller budgets. Grants for smaller amounts of money will have a minimal charge, depending upon the grant.

I have extensive experience securing the following types of grants:

  • Recreation Grants
  • Keystone Communities Grants
  • Community Development Block Grants
  • Foundation Grants
  • Brownfield Grants and Strategies
  • Federal, State, County and Corporate Specialty Grants
  • Infrastructure Grants
  • Transportation Grants
  • Streetscape Grants and Project Management
  • Water and Sewer Grants
  • Main Street Consulting
  • Elm Street Consulting
  • 501 (C) 3 Technical Assistance
  • Keystone Community Plans
  • Community Development Corporation Strategic Planning